Register New Basins

Register New Basins

Why register groundwater basins with G@GPS?

G@GPS is an open network that welcomes anyone in any part of the world to register groundwater basins. Registration of basins is free and helps with two critical components of G@GPS’s Mission. First, registration of basins helps to formalize the network of scientists and improve the flow of information. Second, registration of basins helps G@GPS to correlate data from different parts of the world in order to identify recharge periods and better understand climate signals in groundwater.

How to register groundwater basins with G@GPS?

Please fill in the registration form below and email it to Jason Gurdak ( who will publish it on this G@GPS webpage. Ideally, all data should be stored in an ArcGIS database. The scientists are responsible for the data in their individual basins and can contact scientists working in other basins when there is a need for exchange of data or expertise.

Link to: Registration Form (Word 97-2003 document)

Link to: Sample Registration Form (PDF)

List of Registered Groundwater Basins:




North America


South America